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Duwiliella Waterfall

Duwiliella is a very famous waterfall in Sri Lanka and meaning of Duwili is dust. Therefore several waterfalls of Sri Lanka is identified as Duwiliella. This Dhuwili Ella fall is situated at Sinharaja world heritage rain forest of Sri Lanka. Way to this waterfall is at Deniyaya - Pitadeniya entrance of southern province of Sri Lanka.

Other Dhuwili falls of Sri Lanka are very beautiful. One of Dhuwili waterfall is situated at Kaltota - Balangoda from 27 km from Balangoda town to Rajawaka road. Wanaspathi tale drama is shooting at close to this fall. Also another Dhuwili waterfall at Neluwa area of Galle Sri Lanka.

Kekuna falls, Pathnoya falls, Malmora falls, Brahmana falls, Galdoru falls, Uran Weyuna falls, Thattu falls and several falls located in the same aria.

You can visit tall falls if you come to the Sinharaja at Sinharaja conservation center of Pitadeniya.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Laxapana waterfalls
Laxapana waterfalls at closed to Hatton and Laxapana Valley. Laxapana falls is Forth highest waterfall of Sri Lanka and this waterfall is higher 115m. Laxapana valley is very famous water valley of Sri Lanka and which is supported to Electricity of Sri Lanka. Laxapana waterfall at Samanala mountains and closed to Adams peak. When you travel Sri Pada don't miss to Visit Laxapana waterfall.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bomburuella waterfall
Bomburuella waterfall is a very beautiful waterfall of Sri Lanka situated at Uva - Paranagama provincial division in Badulla District in Sri Lanka. Bpmburuella waterfall’s height about 50m. Some identified this waterfall as Perawella falls but real name is Bomburu waterfall. You can visit Bomburu waterfall and visit potatoes lands and vegetable land in Welimada.
Bomburuella is Not at closed to main road. It's situated at about 500m from main road and you have to go on a foot to Bomburu waterfall. There are some little waterfalls also at above this waterfall.
This waterfall is situated at between and border of Nuwaraeliya and Badulla districts. There is a valley at Nuwaraeliya district and water comes to falls. Some low rainy seasons people close the water way and that time low amount of water comes to water fall. December January and April May seasons are very suitable to visit this waterfall.
There is a another waterfall called Rawan ella falls which is at Uduhawara place. This fall is very higher and Way to this fall from Uduhawara junction. Uduhawara is at way of Bomburu falls. There is a 3km footpath to Rawan ella from Uduhawara junction. Rawan ella falls has relation to Ravana stories.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mana Waterfall

There is a mountain of Sri Lanka called Striee Pura is situated at kirawanagama,Uva-Paranagama electorate of Badulla district. This mountain is very ancient one because 10th or 11th century there was a king called Walagamba prepared long tunnels for secret things. And also king ManaBharana is created beautiful stone buckets to queens and following pictures shows about more. Today also we can see or we can through there. When we though this or when we travel Lunuwattha place we can face Mana waterfalls. It is 67 feet high.

There is paddy field called Manawela is situated near Mana Striee Pura mountain. In ancient time it was big paddy field although now farmers cultivate in small area. Water come to Mana water fall from Hal Oya .We can identify from a inscription, stone of there about people had been using this fields lot all the king eras. There is a place at Mana waterfalls which was used for bath by queens. There were stone potties on there. Today also we can see it. The water of Mana waterfall is falling to those potties. There are little holes on the rocks of Mana waterfall. Queens might came there toughing the tunnel of Striee Pura. When the queens bath the King sit on the Thrown and visited it. After 1990 the Thrown was broken by provenance thieves.

On the pedastal rock of this fall the Crown of king picture and chain picture have cut by King. provenance thieves damaged also it. Some says that chain picture is symbol about the tuskers were chained on it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ravana waterfall
Ravana waterfall is a very beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka and which is situated at Badulla district and you can visit it Near Ella place. This waterfall is situated near the Bandarawela-Wallawawaya road. When you travel along this way you can see nice waterfall called Ravana falls.
Ravana means ancient story of India and Sri Lanka. We can identify that this fall also has long history. Without special reason the name isn't kept. Therefore we can't think that Ravana falls hasn't long history.
Middle of the Ravana fall there is a tunnel. People can’t though it but in King Walagamba's time they might through it. Some people tried to through it although they couldn't get permission. Near Ravana falls there is a Temple called Dova Temple. This temple also has same tunnel. Some says that those tunnels are not two those are only one. Some says that there are tunnel system to protect king and others. Various places of Badulla district have these type of tunnels. Dova Temple was made by King Walagamba in 13th Century.
Dowa king Walagmba ancient Temple and there were very secret tunnel system at between those places. In now some tunnels are there. Through the tunnels is somewhat dangerous